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It was 50 years ago, while starting out on his journey in business that Craig Rosendorff bought his first diamond. Craig still remembers it to this day, firing a passion that half-a-decade on, still shines just as brightly. A passion that has seen him build the Rosendorff name into one of Australia’s iconic luxury jewellery stores. Trusted for generations for selecting, buying and cutting the very finest in diamonds, to be designed and crafted into the most exceptional of exquisite diamond jewellery collections.

Only a small number of diamonds have ever become a Rosendorff Diamond. It’s been an obsession with Craig. The impeccable light performance, the exacting precision of the cut, the breathtaking purity, and clarity – the incomparable beauty. Creating a rarity amongst even fine diamonds, truly the pinnacle, which has remained the steadfast principle of Rosendorff Diamonds to this day. So, 50 years on, nothing still “sparkles like a Rosendorff diamond.”

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Historically, exceptional quality diamonds have proven a glittering investment, especially in troubled times. And nobody in Perth knows more about diamonds than Craig Rosendorff. Where to source the finest quality and how to drive the very sharpest deal, making certain that your investment in diamonds will safely deliver valuable returns. To find out more or discuss your investment diamond purchase talk directly with Craig Rosendorff. It could be the wisest investment in time you’ll ever make:

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