For over 5 decades we’ve captured the hearts and delighted generations with our handcrafted pieces.

The distinguished Rosendorff name is the story of a Brand that has since 1963 grown to become one of Australia’s most revered diamond jewellers. Since its early days crafting fine jewellery and acquiring the exquisite art of diamond buying and cutting has been at the fore front of this reputable Brand.

We take time to understand the unique stories of all our valued customers, with a dedication to discovering the perfect diamond. From milestone events, through to those meaningful ‘just because’ moments, we believe every diverse chapter deserves to be celebrated.

Over the years, the exacting parameters for the “Rosendorff Diamond” have been developed and, with a new diamond expert at the helm, the legacy, integrity and excellence in the Brand continues on as owner, Yoni Levy, actively leads and inspires the specialist Rosendorff team whilst personally negotiating and supervising the buying of all Rosendorff diamonds across the globe. This process ensures each uniquely stunning diamond meets the highly credible Rosendorff standards.

Through his international diamond connections, Mr Levy combines exquisite design, fashion and art in a quest to create the finest jewellery pieces across the globe.

Rosendorff is an exquisite icon that is regarded as one of Australia’s pre-eminent luxury brands & holds a priceless network of industry contacts across the globe, providing unparalleled access to the finest raw and polished gems and jewellery craftsmanship the world has to offer.

There’s nothing like the feeling of discovery – that rush of emotion and sense of accomplishment that we can all personally own. Immerse yourself in these feelings with a personalized diamond discovery experience at Rosendorff. Book your appointment today by calling 08 9 321 4015 or email