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FAQS – Precious Jewellery Collection

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Rosendorff have a stunning selection of precious gold jewellery featuring precious and semi-precious stones and pearls. Rubies, sapphires, opals, emeralds and tanzanite are among the stones in our precious jewellery collection.

How do I care for my pearl jewellery?

Caring for pearl jewellery is particularly important given the delicate nature of the gem. Contact with chemicals, cosmetics and chlorinated water should be avoided, however your pearl jewellery can still be worn and enjoyed everyday. Due to the porous nature of pearls, avoid submerging your...

What is the difference between Freshwater , Saltwater and South Sea Pearls?

A Freshwater pearl is cultured in a mussel in a lake. A traditional saltwater (Akoya) pearl is cultured in an oyster in the sea. Generally, the freshwater cultured pearls are less expensive than the Akoya pearl. South Sea Pearls are also grown in the sea but are usually a larger size than the...