FAQS - Engagement Rings

Sale of Existing Stock

Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers sell an exquisite array of diamond engagement rings for our discerning customers to choose from. Styles vary from solitaire to trilogy, shoulder diamonds or without, claw or rub set – all are beautiful and perfect for each individual’s desires.
As well as the most commonly recognised and popular cuts of diamond, Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers have developed their own internationally acclaimed cuts like the spectacular ‘Cushere’ and exquisite Bliss and Belle along with the renowned brilliant ‘Rosendorff Cut’ the classic round cut diamond.
Stock sold off the floor will either be taken on the day of sale or be placed in Layby on a payment plan.

Alterations to Existing Stock

Occasionally customers want to make minor adjustments to engagement rings from existing stock. Details are to be specific and thorough to minimise confusion and misinterpretation. Alterations may include using a larger/smaller diamond or finger sizing

Custom Design Rings

Some clients will come in with a specific ring in mind that they would like to create for their memorable occasion. Rosendorff are delighted to help clients in this position with a design consultation. Typically, these consultations will be for custom designed purchases in excess of $5000. It is essential to make an appointment with a member of Rosendorff’s design team to discuss your custom design requirements. Loose diamonds are available to be selected and sold prior to the design process and you should feel confident tht Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers select only the finest quality diamonds.

Where do Rosendorff source their diamonds?

Mr Rosendorff personally sources Rosendorff diamonds from all over the world. His diamond knowledge, passion and personal influence of choosing the best of the best available rough diamonds assures only the rarest beauty of natural diamonds are selected. Rosendorff guarantee all diamonds to be...

Will my diamonds have a certificate?

Not every diamond will have a certificate.  A large selection of Rosendorff diamonds weighing 0.40ct and above are laser inscribed with a unique identification number and come with a certificate. Certification is an expert opinion of a diamond based on international standards. To be truly...

Will I receive a valuation certificate?

Our in-house gemologists are qualified and registered jewellery valuers. Valuations ensure accurate and current insurance coverage. Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers provide complimentary valuations on purchases with a retail value of $5000 or greater and by request. Rosendorff will provide valuations...

Which is better Platinum or White Gold?

This is a personal preference. 18 carat White gold is an alloy containing 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys. It is hard wearing and is coated in a fine layer of Rhodium which gives white gold its brilliance and whiteness; however it does need regular maintenance with the rhodium requiring...

Which is more important - colour or clarity?

The significance of colour over clarity is one of personal preference. All Rosendorff rings contain diamonds cut to Rosendorff specifications so you can be assured that which ever diamond you choose, it will always be bright and beautiful.

What is the difference between a Rosendorff ring and others?

Rosendorff are Western Australia’s premier diamond jeweller. We are passionate about the quality of your diamond, the workmanship that goes into your precious piece and the experience you have when walking into one of our showrooms. Our knowledgeable staff will take you through every aspect...

Do I need to make an appointment?

To ensure you are in the hands of our most skilled specialists, we recommend that you book an appointment. If you would like to call ahead of coming into our showroom we can pre-arrange a selection of rings for you to view based on your individual preferences and needs. With or without an...

Does Rosendorff jewellery contain nickel?

Rosendorff jewellery may have minute traces of nickel as part of the alloy, which are permitted under the allergic tolerance laws however the content is so minimal that it has no known allergic reaction on the skin.

Will you buy back my diamond?

Currently Rosendorff do not have a second hand dealers license and therefore are unable to re-purchase pre-loved diamonds however, if yours is a Rosendorff diamond, please contact us to discuss your personal needs.

Will Rosendorff create a ring setting for my own diamond?

Rosendorff will not use diamonds from outside the company. All Rosendorff diamonds have passed strict quality assurance criteria ensuring ever aspect of your Rosendorff piece is of the finest world quality.

What if my fiance doesn't like the ring I have chosen?

Rosendorff are happy to exchange unworn stock pieces within 14 days of purchase. For all bespoke jewellery we are happy to discuss your personalised alternatives during an individual appointment. Fees will apply to changes required.

Does gold tarnish?

The pure gold does not tarnish. It’s the other metals used in gold alloy which do and so the lower the gold content in any alloy the more likely and the quicker the tarnishing process will occur. Gold of 18 carat is very resistant to tarnishing, but 14 carat and lesser carat gold tarnish...

Can gold stain the skin or leave marks?

Pure gold will not mark the skin as it is chemically stable and it does not react with many substances. It is the other metals in gold alloy especially the lesser quality alloys which react chemically and may therefore mark the skin and also tarnish very quickly. Tarnish on gold jewellery is...